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DD Free Dish Channel List with PIDs updated on 27th September, 2021


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DD Free Dish - Channels List

Provider - DD Free Dish
Satellite - G-Sat 15 at 93.5° East
TPDetailsModulationFECLCNChannel NameServiceIDVideoPIDAudioPIDs
11090 V 29500QPSK DVB-S3/4001DD News (TV)200150016001-None-MPEG
11090 V 29500QPSK DVB-S3/4002DD National (TV)200250026002-None-MPEG
11090 V 29500QPSK DVB-S3/4003DD Retro (TV)200350036003-None-MPEG
11090 V 29500QPSK DVB-S3/4004DD Kisan (TV)200450046004-None-MPEG
11090 V 29500QPSK DVB-S3/4005Zee Anmol (TV)200550056005-None-MPEG
11090 V 29500QPSK DVB-S3/4006DD Bangla (TV)200650066006-None-MPEG
11090 V 29500QPSK DVB-S3/4007DD Chandana (TV)200750076007-None-MPEG
11090 V 29500QPSK DVB-S3/4008DD Girnar (TV)200850086008-None-MPEG
11090 V 29500QPSK DVB-S3/4009DD Kashir (TV)200950096009-None-MPEG
11090 V 29500QPSK DVB-S3/4010ABZY Movies (TV)201050106010-None-MPEG
11090 V 29500QPSK DVB-S3/4011DD Arunprabha (TV)201150116011-None-MPEG
11090 V 29500QPSK DVB-S3/4012B4U Movies (TV)201250126012-None-MPEG
11090 V 29500QPSK DVB-S3/4013Aaj Tak Tez (TV)201350136013-None-MPEG
11090 V 29500QPSK DVB-S3/4014B4U Bhojpuri (TV)201450146014-None-MPEG
11090 V 29500QPSK DVB-S3/4015Dhinchaak (TV)201550156015-None-MPEG
11090 V 29500QPSK DVB-S3/4016Big Magic Ganga (TV)201650166016-None-MPEG
11090 V 29500QPSK DVB-S3/4017DD Meghalaya (TV)201750176017-None-MPEG
11090 V 29500QPSK DVB-S3/4018DD Manipur (TV)201850186018-None-MPEG
11090 V 29500QPSK DVB-S3/4001AIR News (Radio)280106801-None-MPEG
11090 V 29500QPSK DVB-S3/4002AIR Telugu (Radio)280206802-None-MPEG
11090 V 29500QPSK DVB-S3/4003AIR Marathi (Radio)280306803-None-MPEG
11090 V 29500QPSK DVB-S3/4004AIR Tamil (Radio)280406804-None-MPEG
11090 V 29500QPSK DVB-S3/4005AIR VBS (Radio)280506805-None-MPEG
11090 V 29500QPSK DVB-S3/4006AIR Rohtak (Radio)280606806-None-MPEG
11090 V 29500QPSK DVB-S3/4007AIR Vijayawada (Radio)280706807-None-MPEG
11090 V 29500QPSK DVB-S3/4008AIR Imphal (Radio)280806808-None-MPEG
11170 V 29500QPSK DVB-S3/4019ABZY Dhakad (TV)205150516051-None-MPEG
11170 V 29500QPSK DVB-S3/4020DD Oriya (TV)205250526052-None-MPEG
11170 V 29500QPSK DVB-S3/4021DD Podhigai (TV)205350536053-None-MPEG
11170 V 29500QPSK DVB-S3/4022DD Punjabi (TV)205450546054-None-MPEG
11170 V 29500QPSK DVB-S3/4023DD Sahyadri (TV)205550556055-None-MPEG
11170 V 29500QPSK DVB-S3/4024DD Yadagiri (TV)205650566056-None-MPEG
11170 V 29500QPSK DVB-S3/4025DD Malayalam (TV)205750576057-None-MPEG
11170 V 29500QPSK DVB-S3/4026Lok Sabha (TV)205850586058-None-MPEG
11170 V 29500QPSK DVB-S3/4027Rajya Sabha (TV)205950596059-None-MPEG
11170 V 29500QPSK DVB-S3/4028Shemaroo TV (TV)206050606060-None-MPEG
11170 V 29500QPSK DVB-S3/4029Dangal (TV)206150616061-None-MPEG
11170 V 29500QPSK DVB-S3/4030Bhojpuri Cinema (TV)206250626062-None-MPEG
11170 V 29500QPSK DVB-S3/4031Zee Biskope (TV)206350636063-None-MPEG
11170 V 29500QPSK DVB-S3/4032ABZY Cool (TV)206450646064-None-MPEG
11170 V 29500QPSK DVB-S3/4033Star Utsav (TV)206550656065-None-MPEG
11170 V 29500QPSK DVB-S3/4034Surya Cinema (TV)206650666066-None-MPEG
11170 V 29500QPSK DVB-S3/4035DD Nagaland (TV)206750676067-----MPEG
11170 V 29500QPSK DVB-S3/4036DD Tripura (TV)206850686068-----MPEG
11170 V 29500QPSK DVB-S3/4009AIR Gujrati (Radio)282106821-None-MPEG
11170 V 29500QPSK DVB-S3/4010AIR Panjim (Radio)282206822-None-MPEG
11170 V 29500QPSK DVB-S3/4011AIR Punjabi (Radio)282306823-None-MPEG
11170 V 29500QPSK DVB-S3/4012AIR Puducherry (Radio)282406824-None-MPEG
11170 V 29500QPSK DVB-S3/4013AIR Srinagar (Radio)282506825-None-MPEG
11170 V 29500QPSK DVB-S3/4014AIR Lucknow (Radio)282606826-None-MPEG
11170 V 29500QPSK DVB-S3/4015AIR Patna (Radio)282706827-None-MPEG
11170 V 29500QPSK DVB-S3/4016AIR Bhopal (Radio)282806828-None-MPEG
11470 V 29500QPSK DVB-S3/4037Sony Pal (TV)210151016101-None-MPEG
11470 V 29500QPSK DVB-S3/4038Rishtey Cineplex (TV)210251026102-None-MPEG
11470 V 29500QPSK DVB-S3/4039Movie Plus (TV)210351036103-None-MPEG
11470 V 29500QPSK DVB-S3/4040DD Saptgiri (TV)210451046104-None-MPEG
11470 V 29500QPSK DVB-S3/4041Colors Rishtey (TV)210551056105-None-MPEG
11470 V 29500QPSK DVB-S3/4042B4U Kadak (TV)210651066106-None-MPEG
11470 V 29500QPSK DVB-S3/4043Manoranjan TV (TV)210751076107-None-MPEG
11470 V 29500QPSK DVB-S3/4044TV9 Bharatvarsh (TV)210851086108-None-MPEG
11470 V 29500QPSK DVB-S3/4045DD UP (TV)210951096109-None-MPEG
11470 V 29500QPSK DVB-S3/4046Dabangg (TV)211051106110-None-MPEG
11470 V 29500QPSK DVB-S3/4047DD MP (TV)211151116111-None-MPEG
11470 V 29500QPSK DVB-S3/4048Zee Anmol Cinema (TV)211251126112-None-MPEG
11470 V 29500QPSK DVB-S3/4049NDTV India (TV)211351136113-None-MPEG
11470 V 29500QPSK DVB-S3/4050Surya Bhojpuri (TV)211451146114-None-MPEG
11470 V 29500QPSK DVB-S3/4051Enterr-10 Movies (TV)211551156115-None-MPEG
11470 V 29500QPSK DVB-S3/4052DD North East (TV)211651166116-None-MPEG
11470 V 29500QPSK DVB-S3/4053DD Mizoram (TV)211751176117-None-MPEG
11470 V 29500QPSK DVB-S3/4054DD Chhattisgarh (TV)211851186118-None-MPEG
11470 V 29500QPSK DVB-S3/4017Air Kannada (Radio)284106841-None-MPEG
11470 V 29500QPSK DVB-S3/4018AIR Bangla (Radio)284206842-None-MPEG
11470 V 29500QPSK DVB-S3/4019AIR Hindi (Radio)284306843-None-MPEG
11470 V 29500QPSK DVB-S3/4020AIR NE (Radio)284406844-None-MPEG
11470 V 29500QPSK DVB-S3/4021AIR Dehradun (Radio)284506845-None-MPEG
11470 V 29500QPSK DVB-S3/4022AIR Portblair (Radio)284606846-None-MPEG
11470 V 29500QPSK DVB-S3/4023AIR Jaipur (Radio)284706847-None-MPEG
11470 V 29500QPSK DVB-S3/4024AIR Gangtok (Radio)284806848-None-MPEG
11510 V 29500QPSK DVB-S3/4055Big Magic (TV)215151516151-None-MPEG
11510 V 29500QPSK DVB-S3/4056News18 India (TV)215251526152-None-MPEG
11510 V 29500QPSK DVB-S3/40579XM (TV)215351536153-None-MPEG
11510 V 29500QPSK DVB-S3/4058Maha Movie (TV)215451546154-None-MPEG
11510 V 29500QPSK DVB-S3/4059Zee Hindustan (TV)215551556155-None-MPEG
11510 V 29500QPSK DVB-S3/4060DD BHARATI (TV)215651566156-None-MPEG
11510 V 29500QPSK DVB-S3/4061DD URDU (TV)215751576157-None-MPEG
11510 V 29500QPSK DVB-S3/4062Mastiii (TV)215851586158-None-MPEG
11510 V 29500QPSK DVB-S3/4063B4U Music (TV)215951596159-None-MPEG
11510 V 29500QPSK DVB-S3/4064India TV (TV)216051606160-None-MPEG
11510 V 29500QPSK DVB-S3/4065News Nation (TV)216151616161-None-MPEG
11510 V 29500QPSK DVB-S3/4066News 24 (TV)216251626162-None-MPEG
11510 V 29500QPSK DVB-S3/4067Republic Bharat (TV)216351636163-None-MPEG
11510 V 29500QPSK DVB-S3/4068Aaj Tak (TV)216451646164-None-MPEG
11510 V 29500QPSK DVB-S3/4069ABP News (TV)216551656165-None-MPEG
11510 V 29500QPSK DVB-S3/4070Zee News (TV)216651666166-None-MPEG
11510 V 29500QPSK DVB-S3/4071DD Uttarakhand (TV)216751676167-None-MPEG
11510 V 29500QPSK DVB-S3/4072Zee Punjabi (TV)216851686168-None-MPEG
11510 V 29500QPSK DVB-S3/4025AIR Ragam (Radio)286106861-None-MPEG
11510 V 29500QPSK DVB-S3/4026AIR Ranchi (Radio)286206862-None-MPEG
11510 V 29500QPSK DVB-S3/4027Air Urdu (Radio)286306863-None-MPEG
11510 V 29500QPSK DVB-S3/4028Air Oriya (Radio)286406864-None-MPEG
11510 V 29500QPSK DVB-S3/4029AIR Malayalam (Radio)286506865-None-MPEG
11510 V 29500QPSK DVB-S3/4030AIR Assamese (Radio)286606866-None-MPEG
11510 V 29500QPSK DVB-S3/4031AIR Raipur (Radio)286706867-None-MPEG
11510 V 29500QPSK DVB-S3/4032AIR Shillong (Radio)286806868-None-MPEG
11550 H 29500QPSK DVB-S3/4111DD VANDE GUJ 1 (TV)401502503-None-MPEG
11550 H 29500QPSK DVB-S3/4112DD VANDE GUJ 2 (TV)402512513-None-MPEG
11550 H 29500QPSK DVB-S3/4113DD VANDE GUJ 3 (TV)403522523-None-MPEG
11550 H 29500QPSK DVB-S3/4114DD VANDE GUJ 4 (TV)404532533-None-MPEG
11550 H 29500QPSK DVB-S3/4115DD VANDE GUJ 5 (TV)405542543-None-MPEG
11550 H 29500QPSK DVB-S3/4116DD VANDE GUJ 6 (TV)406552553-None-MPEG
11550 H 29500QPSK DVB-S3/4117DD VANDE GUJ 7 (TV)407562563-None-MPEG
11550 H 29500QPSK DVB-S3/4118DD VANDE GUJ 8 (TV)408572573-None-MPEG
11550 H 29500QPSK DVB-S3/4119DD VANDE GUJ 9 (TV)409582583-None-MPEG
11550 H 29500QPSK DVB-S3/4120DD VANDE GUJ10 (TV)410592593-None-MPEG
11550 H 29500QPSK DVB-S3/4121DD VANDE GUJ11 (TV)411602603-None-MPEG
11550 H 29500QPSK DVB-S3/4122DD VANDE GUJ12 (TV)412612613-None-MPEG
11550 H 29500QPSK DVB-S3/4123DD VANDE GUJ13 (TV)413622623-None-MPEG
11550 H 29500QPSK DVB-S3/4124DD VANDE GUJ14 (TV)414632633-None-MPEG
11550 H 29500QPSK DVB-S3/4125DD VANDE GUJ15 (TV)415642643-None-MPEG
11550 H 29500QPSK DVB-S3/4126DD VANDE GUJ16 (TV)416652653-None-MPEG
11550 H 29500QPSK DVB-S3/4127DD DIGISHALA (TV)417662663-eng-MPEG
11550 V 29500QPSK DVB-S3/4073Manoranjan Movies (TV)220152016201-None-MPEG
11550 V 29500QPSK DVB-S3/4074Star Utsav Movies (TV)220252026202-None-MPEG
11550 V 29500QPSK DVB-S3/4075Sadhna Bhakti (TV)220352036203-None-MPEG
11550 V 29500QPSK DVB-S3/4076DD Rajasthan (TV)220452046204-None-MPEG
11550 V 29500QPSK DVB-S3/4077DD Sports (TV)220552056205-None-MPEG
11550 V 29500QPSK DVB-S3/4078DD Bihar (TV)220652066206-None-MPEG
11550 V 29500QPSK DVB-S3/4079DD Jharkhand (TV)220752076207-None-MPEG
11550 V 29500QPSK DVB-S3/4080Sony Wah (TV)220852086208-None-MPEG
11550 V 29500QPSK DVB-S3/4081Maha Punjabi (TV)220952096209-None-MPEG, 6225-None-MPEG
11550 V 29500QPSK DVB-S3/4082Filamchi (TV)221052106210-None-MPEG
11550 V 29500QPSK DVB-S3/4083Zing (TV)221152116211-None-MPEG
11550 V 29500QPSK DVB-S3/4084DD India (TV)221252126212-None-MPEG
11550 V 29500QPSK DVB-S3/4085Lord Buddha (TV)221352136213-None-MPEG
11550 V 29500QPSK DVB-S3/4086MTV Beats (TV)221452146214-None-MPEG
11550 V 29500QPSK DVB-S3/4087Fakt Marathi (TV)221552156215-None-MPEG
11550 V 29500QPSK DVB-S3/4088Marathibana (TV)221652166216-None-MPEG
11550 V 29500QPSK DVB-S3/4033AIR Kohima (Radio)288106881-None-MPEG
11550 V 29500QPSK DVB-S3/4034AIR Aizawl (Radio)288206882-None-MPEG
11550 V 29500QPSK DVB-S3/4035AIR Itanagar (Radio)288306883-None-MPEG
11550 V 29500QPSK DVB-S3/4036AIR Agartala (Radio)288406884-None-MPEG
11550 V 29500QPSK DVB-S3/4037AIR Leh (Radio)288506885-None-MPEG
11550 V 29500QPSK DVB-S3/4038AIR Shimla (Radio)288606886-None-MPEG
11550 V 29500QPSK DVB-S3/4039AIR Jammu (Radio)288706887-None-MPEG
11550 V 29500QPSK DVB-S3/4040Gyan Vani (Radio)288806888-None-MPEG
11590 V 29500QPSK DVB-S3/4128DD SWAYAM PR 1 (TV)13332-None-MPEG
11590 V 29500QPSK DVB-S3/4137DD SWAYAM PR 2 (TV)27877-None-MPEG
11590 V 29500QPSK DVB-S3/4138DD SWAYAM PR 3 (TV)37574-None-MPEG
11590 V 29500QPSK DVB-S3/4139DD SWAYAM PR 4 (TV)47271-None-MPEG
11590 V 29500QPSK DVB-S3/4140DD SWAYAM PR 5 (TV)56968-None-MPEG
11590 V 29500QPSK DVB-S3/4141DD SWAYAM PR 6 (TV)66665-None-MPEG
11590 V 29500QPSK DVB-S3/4142DD SWAYAM PR 7 (TV)76362-None-MPEG
11590 V 29500QPSK DVB-S3/4143DD SWAYAM PR 8 (TV)86059-None-MPEG
11590 V 29500QPSK DVB-S3/4144DD SWAYAM PR 9 (TV)95756-None-MPEG
11590 V 29500QPSK DVB-S3/4129DD SWAYAM PR10 (TV)105453-None-MPEG
11590 V 29500QPSK DVB-S3/4130DD SWAYAM PR11 (TV)115150-None-MPEG
11590 V 29500QPSK DVB-S3/4131DD SWAYAM PR12 (TV)124847-None-MPEG
11590 V 29500QPSK DVB-S3/4132DD SWAYAM PR13 (TV)134544-None-MPEG
11590 V 29500QPSK DVB-S3/4133DD SWAYAM PR14 (TV)144241-None-MPEG
11590 V 29500QPSK DVB-S3/4134DD SWAYAM PR15 (TV)153938-None-MPEG
11590 V 29500QPSK DVB-S3/4135DD SWAYAM PR16 (TV)163635-None-MPEG
11590 V 29500QPSK DVB-S3/4136DD SWAYAM PR17 (TV)178384-None-MPEG
11630 V 300008PSK DVB-S23/5089HOME CHANNEL (TV)225152516251-eng-MPEG
11630 V 300008PSK DVB-S23/5090Chardikala Time TV (TV)225252526252-None-MPEG
11630 V 300008PSK DVB-S23/5091DD GOA (TV)225352536253-HIN-MPEG
11630 V 300008PSK DVB-S23/5092DD Haryana (TV)225452546254-None-MPEG
11630 V 300008PSK DVB-S23/5094Samay (TV)225652566256-BEN-MPEG
11630 V 300008PSK DVB-S23/5095Satsang (TV)225752576257-eng-MPEG
11630 V 300008PSK DVB-S23/5096Sudarshan News (TV)225852586258-None-MPEG
11630 V 300008PSK DVB-S23/5101Live Today (TV)226352636263-None-MPEG
11630 V 300008PSK DVB-S23/5102News State UP/UK (TV)226452646264-None-MPEG
11630 V 300008PSK DVB-S23/5103News India 24x7 (TV)227152716271-HIN-MPEG
11630 V 300008PSK DVB-S23/5104Aryan TV National (TV)227252726272-None-MPEG
11630 V 300008PSK DVB-S23/5098Aastha (TV)226052606260-None-MPEG
11630 V 300008PSK DVB-S23/5099VIP News (TV)226152616261-None-MPEG
11630 V 300008PSK DVB-S23/5105BTV WORLD (TV)227352736273-tel-MPEG
11630 V 300008PSK DVB-S23/5106KBS WORLD (TV)227452746274-None-MPEG
11630 V 300008PSK DVB-S23/5100Vedic TV (TV)226252626262-None-MPEG
11630 V 300008PSK DVB-S23/5097Sanskar TV (TV)225952596259-ORI-MPEG
11630 V 300008PSK DVB-S23/5093DD Himachal Pradesh (TV)225552556255-None-MPEG
11630 V 300008PSK DVB-S23/5107DD HD (TV)22795279650-eng-MPEG, 651-eng-MPEG
11630 V 300008PSK DVB-S23/5041FM Rainbow Delhi (Radio)290106901-hin-MPEG
11630 V 300008PSK DVB-S23/5042FM Gold Delhi (Radio)290206902-None-MPEG
11630 V 300008PSK DVB-S23/5043RJ1VBS (Radio)290306903-None-MPEG
11630 V 300008PSK DVB-S23/5044RJ2VBS (Radio)290406904-None-MPEG
11630 V 300008PSK DVB-S23/5045AIR World Ser1 (Radio)290506905-None-MPEG
11630 V 300008PSK DVB-S23/5046AIR World Ser2 (Radio)290606906-None-MPEG
11630 V 300008PSK DVB-S23/5047AIR N'hood Ser1 (Radio)290706907-None-MPEG
11630 V 300008PSK DVB-S23/5048AIR N'hood Ser2 (Radio)290806908-None-MPEG
11630 V 300008PSK DVB-S23/5108Popular TV (TV)228152816281-None-MPEG
11630 V 300008PSK DVB-S23/5109ANB News (TV)228252826282-None-MPEG
11630 V 300008PSK DVB-S23/5110Jantantra TV (TV)228352836283-None-MPEG
11670 V 29500QPSK DVB-S3/4145DD SWAYAM PR18 (TV)183635-None-MPEG
11670 V 29500QPSK DVB-S3/4146DD SWAYAM PR19 (TV)193938-None-MPEG
11670 V 29500QPSK DVB-S3/4147DD SWAYAM PR20 (TV)204241-None-MPEG
11670 V 29500QPSK DVB-S3/4148DD SWAYAM PR21 (TV)214544-None-MPEG
11670 V 29500QPSK DVB-S3/4149DD SWAYAM PR22 (TV)224847-None-MPEG
11670 V 29500QPSK DVB-S3/4150DD e-VIDYA 1 (TV)235150-None-MPEG
11670 V 29500QPSK DVB-S3/4151DD e-VIDYA 2 (TV)245453-None-MPEG
11670 V 29500QPSK DVB-S3/4152DD e-VIDYA 3 (TV)255756-None-MPEG
11670 V 29500QPSK DVB-S3/4153DD e-VIDYA 4 (TV)266059-None-MPEG
11670 V 29500QPSK DVB-S3/4154DD e-VIDYA 5 (TV)276362-None-MPEG
11670 V 29500QPSK DVB-S3/4155DD e-VIDYA 6 (TV)286665-None-MPEG
11670 V 29500QPSK DVB-S3/4156DD e-VIDYA 7 (TV)296968-None-MPEG
11670 V 29500QPSK DVB-S3/4157DD e-VIDYA 8 (TV)307271-None-MPEG
11670 V 29500QPSK DVB-S3/4158DD e-VIDYA 9 (TV)317574-None-MPEG
11670 V 29500QPSK DVB-S3/4159DD e-VIDYA 10 (TV)327877-None-MPEG
11670 V 29500QPSK DVB-S3/4160DD e-VIDYA 11 (TV)338180-None-MPEG
11670 V 29500QPSK DVB-S3/4161DD e-VIDYA 12 (TV)343233-None-MPEG
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